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Community Service Center

The Community Service Center (CSC) provides supportive services currently offered to all of our residential and crisis shelter youth as well as youth from the community who are not currently residing at CHGA. This includes youth who are homeless and not yet ready to come into shelter, youth who are at risk of becoming homeless, and youth who have transitioned out of CHGA’s residential program. The CSC is the central location for our healthcare services and educational/vocational programs for all youth ages 18-21. Youth who have been served in our residential program can continue receiving support services through the CSC as long as they need up to the age of 24. The CSC is also an opportunity to provide a place where we can more fully address the needs of at risk minors 16-18.


CSC Services Include:


Provides immediate services to youth coming into the center --- Food, clothing, shower, healthcare, crisis intervention, and referral to community based services. Youth accessing these services may or may not be homeless. Each youth will be given the opportunity to participate in more in-depth services when they are ready.


If a youth expresses that they want to engage in any or all of our day services s/he will be assigned to a case manager who will then provide the framework for a youth to access services through the CSC as well as gain access to resources in the community.


We have two main Learning Communities:  an Academic Learning Community and a Positive Youth Development Learning Community. Our Academic Learning Community focuses on general education, GED, adult basic education, and college preparation. Our Positive Youth Development Learning Community focuses on self-advocacy, civic engagement, global citizenship, and personal empowerment. Both of these learning communities are available to youth through the CSC.


The vocational program provides the structural framework for employment readiness through resume workshops, mock interviews, job searching, vocational training opportunities, and one on one job coaching.


Wellness includes access to the clinic which will be operating twice a week. Additionally, the CSC offers mental health assessments, psychoeducation, substance abuse awareness groups, life skill training, and crisis intervention. Wellness also includes our Rec Therapy programs and our on-site activities such as yoga, drumming, movie days, gardening, cooking, arts and crafts, walking meditation, and many more. 

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