Fast Facts & Statistics

Facts about Youth Homelessness in Atlanta

There are more than 3,300 Homeless Youth in Atlanta.

50% of youth aging out of the foster care system will be homeless within 6 months because, without a stable home life, they never learned the skills needed to live independently.

Within 72 hours of being on the streets, a homeless youth is approached for sex. 49% of homeless youth have been sexually exploited.

Though only 7% of the general population of youth identify as LGBT, a shocking 40% of homeless youth are LGBT. This disparity is made even more alarming by the fact that LGBT youth are more likely to be victimized than non-LGBT youth on the streets.

72% of homeless youth have experienced or witnessed violence.

42% of homeless youth have experienced abuse as a child.

There is a 19% unemployment rate for 16-19 year olds - higher for at-risk youth. This leaves many without options to escape homelessness.

7X more youth know about Covenant House than other organizations in Atlanta.

Our Statistics

We've served more than 1000 individual youth already this year.

30% of our youth have been sexually exploited.

32% of our youth were in the foster care system.

54% of our youth have a history with the criminal justice system.

Of the 644 youth who have received shelter at Covenant House this year, 308 are women and 337 are men. 513 identify as African American, 57 as Caucasian, 54 as Latino/Hispanic, and 20 as Other Race.

100% of our youth receive individualized case management.

640 youth have received full medical exams while at Covenant House.

65% of the youth in the Rights of Passage (independent living) program exit to Permanent Housing. 


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