Independent Living - Rights of Passage

Independent Living – Rights of PassageOur Rights of Passage (ROP) program provides the structure and space for our youth to find their own identify and hope for a future. The first door you enter is always open and requires no key, only the courage to walk through it. The second, third, fourth and every door thereafter are doors they must open for themselves. 

Rights of Passage is our independent living facility. It is a passage, but it's not the finish line. ROP is a long-term housing (up to 24 months) program designed to build upon the existing case plan developed at our Crisis Shelter. The program features a 20-bed apartment-based program and a 24-bed program onsite. 

The onsite Case Managers ensure a continuation of the case plans developed during the shelter phase. During the first 30 days at ROP, residents undergo an orientation to living independently in an apartment. They will be using public transportation, meet domestic requirements and maintain a safe and productive living environment.

It's a program with a huge dividend. Independent residents can live in their apartment for up to two years.

These programs promote youth self-sufficiency by providing them with opportunities to build leadership skills and become more involved in their communities.

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