New/Gently Used Clothing

Our clothing closet relies on your donations! Clothing donations should be clean, in good taste (i.e. no t-shirts with inappropriate language), age appropriate (our youth are between the ages of 18 and 21), and should not have holes or frays. We do not accept used underwear or socks.

Here are our current needs for clothing donations:

  • Interview Attire
    - Dress shirts
    - Slacks for men and women
    - Belts for men and women
    - Business casual dresses 
    - Blazers for men and women
    - Ties
    - Khakis

  • Casual Clothing
    - Sweatpants
    - Athletic shorts
    - Sneakers
    - Socks
    - Jeans

* Clothing in large sizes for men and women are always an urgent need!

New/Gently Used Clothing New/Gently Used Clothing New/Gently Used Clothing

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