Sleep Out: Executive Edition

Sleep Out: Executive Edition 

Nearly 2 million kids in America will face homelessness this year. Perhaps their greatest poverty, though, is that they are ignored & forgotten.

On November 16, 2017, business leaders will gather at Covenant Houses across the United States, Canada and Latin America to notice these young people in need, hear their stories, & bear witness to their struggles and to their brave steps forward into new lives. In a clear statement of solidarity, these men and women will take to the streets with cardboard boxes and sleeping bags while the youth at Covenant House will go to sleep in safe, warm beds.

Will you join them?

Reflections from our Sleepers

"I was profoundly impacted by participating in The Sleep Out. Hearing the youth's story, the bravery, intimacy and honesty of the youth was deeply moving."

"The Sleep Out has made me aware of the very large number of homeless youth that I hadn't known slept on the streets of Atlanta every night."

"I have a greater awareness for how tough it would be to live on the street."

"After meeting with the youth and hearing their stories, seeing the numbers and experiencing sleeping outside, it clearly makes the issue very real. Seeing the facility, meeting the amazing staff and board members shows hope for a better future. Experiencing the Covenant House makes me want to be very active and participate in spreading the word to help these talented youth reach their goals!"

"This experience has heightened my awareness, inspired me and made me more grateful for God's blessings."

"It has created a greater sense of empathy for a group that I didn't realize was so heavily impacted by homelessness!" 

  If you are interested in participating in the 2017 Executive Sleep Out,
contact Tara Self for more information or click here to register now.  

To view a list of this year's sleepers, click here.

Sleep Out: Executive Edition 2017 Event Chairs:
David Homrich, EVP, CFO & CIO, AMB Group, LLC
Dave Stockert, Director of MAA

Thank you to all of the executives who slept out November 2016 to raise awareness and over $485,000 to support the homeless youth of Atlanta. A special thanks to Paul and Carol Garcia, the chairs of our 2016 Sleep Out: Executive Edition. Your commitment and passion to serve the homeless and trafficked youth of Atlanta is an inspiration. 

Thank you to our 2017 Sleep Out: Executive Edition Sponsors!


 Sleep Out: Executive Edition

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