Spring 2018 Cohort

Spring 2018 Scholars in Service

Meet some of the Metro Atlanta area high school students who raised
more than $36,000 for youth experiencing homelessness! 

Scholarship Winner

Spring 2018 Cohort

Emily Grace Fuller
Current year: Sophomore
School: Exeter (previously Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School)
Funds raised: $10,329

Why did you participate in the Scholars in Service Program?
I decided to participate because it was a unique chance to raise money and awareness for an organization that was doing so much good for homeless youth, while also giving me a personal opportunity to meet other students interested in service and learn from leaders in the field of homelessness. I got so much more out of this experience than I could have imagined though.  We had the chance to meet and get to know residents at Covenant House.  It was incredibly eye opening to sit with someone similar in age to me, who was homeless and learn how they got there, and the traumas they had to overcome.

What challenged you the most about the program?
The biggest challenge of the program was hearing the stories of the adversities the kids had to endure. It was challenging but eye opening. It challenged me to re-examine my own life and after this experience I am now more grateful for the things I have previously taken for granted, as simple as having my own suitcase or bag when I travel.

Lasting thoughts that Emily Grace would like to share:
Something that will forever be engrained in me is something I heard at one of the first meetings: “Homelessness is not a character trait. It is a condition or situation that one can overcome. It is not forever.” Covenant House is trying to make sure of this. They have a mission of rehabilitating every youth that walks into their shelter, physically, psychologically, and emotionally. Whether this process takes just a day, or two years.

Spring 2018 Cohort

Mat Fluker
A sophomore at Riverwood International Charter School and one of our first Scholars in Service students, Mat comes from a long family history of philanthropy and service to others. Though he’d been involved in a homelessness ministry at his church, Mat had no idea that homelessness is a problem that plagues young people his own age. After hearing the personal stories of the youth at CHGA, he decided to make a difference in his community in a new and creative way – through basketball!

Mat fused his love for basketball and passion for serving others this spring by creating a bracket for March Madness and launching his own fundraiser, "Hoops for Homelessness." He raised $1,325, exceeding his goal of $1,000, for homeless and trafficked youth in Atlanta! These funds provide shelter, food, and wrap-around services to youth at CHGA who are striving to escape the cycle of homelessness. 

Spring 2018 CohortCaroline Singleton
Current year: Senior
School: Pace Academy
Funds raised: $4,921

What are some key takeaways that you learned by participating in Scholars in Service?
I learned that homelessness is a condition. It’s a stage in someone’s life, not a personality trait. I learned about philanthropy not only on a personal and community scale, but also a larger, more corporate scale. I’ve learned how to give with grace. The biggest takeaway I learned is how fortunate I am.

How has the program changed you?
This program truly did change my daily mindset. While I was aware of how lucky I am, this program helped me to not only solidify that, but to also think about every decision I make in a different way. This program helped me to realize my love of philanthropy and how I can use those new skills in my daily life, and into the future.

In your opinion, what was the best thing about the program?
There were so many great things about this program. From meeting new people my age who are inspired by the same things, to service projects so we are actively giving back, and of course raising money to support the Covenant House. All of these things allowed me to engage with my community in a way I never had before. However, the best things, and most impactful things, about the program were hearing from previously homeless teens not much older than myself. As well as seeing where the money we raised was going. The end celebration was a great way to circle back and remember why we did what we did. Watching the winner physically hand the check to a deserving member of the Covenant House was definitely the best part.

Caroline’s advice to the next cohort of Scholars in Service:
Take this program seriously and deeply reflect on it. It will go by fast but it is so worth it.

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