Youth Stories

Youth homelessness doesn't have a face. It can affect youth of any race, gender, sexual orientation, religious belief, socio-economic background, education level, family value, etc. Read below to hear a few of the stories from the youth at Covenant House. 

Meet Tyrone. Education is essential to becoming self-sufficient, and Covenant House is committed to providing the support necessary for homeless and at-risk youth, like Tyrone, to get the education they want. When Tyrone was a high school freshman, his mother lost her job. Unable to pay the bills, they lived for 8 months without electricity, hot water, or air conditioning before being evicted. Even without a consistent place to live after that eviction, Tyrone maintained good grades at school. Knowing his unstable home situation, a social worker at Tyrone’s high school connected him to Covenant House. Tyrone excelled in our program, gaining his own apartment through our Rights of Passage independent living program. With our help, he also graduated from high school and was accepted to Alabama State University where he is now enrolled. Tyrone is on his way to a successful adulthood because of the educational support provided at CHGA, and we are so proud of him. 

Meet Raven. Motivation to move forward is one of the key services that Covenant House Georgia provides to our youth. For Raven, whose life fell apart in seventh grade when her closest friend, her grandmother, passed away, it is the most crucial service we can provide. For years after her grandmother’s death, Raven struggled with depression, drug addiction, and her decision to have an abortion at the age of 16. Before finding Covenant House, she lived with a physically and verbally abusive boyfriend. When she came here, she was met with unconditional love and the comfort that her future can be so much brighter than her past. She successfully applied for our Rights of Passage independent living program and is motivated to apply for colleges as well as employment opportunities. We take our mission seriously to provide the love and life skills that youth like Raven need to be happy, independent adults.

Meet Antonio. For youth like Antonio who have never met their parents, the care and attention that Covenant House staff provides is welcomed. Antonio grew up with his grandmother after being placed in Division of Family and Children Services as a baby. As a high school freshman, he made some bad decisions and was forced to leave his grandmother’s home. He’d worked at the Boys and Girls Club before, but he needed to further his education in order to continue there. That’s when he heard about Covenant House Georgia. His CHGA case worker helped him create a plan for his future. He was accepted into the Literacy Action program, is working toward his GED here at Covenant House, and is employed. Having his own room in our Rights of Passage independent living program is inspiring him to save money for his own apartment. With the help of his case manager and other CHGA staff, Antonio has gained the skills and motivation he needs to become self-sufficient, prompting him to say “I finally feel like my life is going in the right direction.”

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