Just a few months ago, Georgi-Ann came to our doors in search of healing. We welcomed her with open arms, gave her a safe space and a warm meal, and told her that here, with Covenant House Georgia, she'd finally found a home.

Before coming to us, Georgi-Ann had experienced a childhood plagued by poverty, food shortages, and crime. After an unsuccessful attempt to reunite with her father, his instability left her with no choice but to couch surf in the homes of unfamiliar people before eventually ending up on the streets during a public health emergency, completely alone.

Today, Georgi-Ann has a sense of security to cling to here at Covenant House Georgia. She's moved from our crisis shelter to our independent living cottages and has access to resources like COVID-19 testing and creative therapeutic outlets to help her deal with the trauma of her past.

Georgi-Ann used to feel like she lacked control over the terrible situations happening in her life. Now we're watching her take back that control and soon we'll get to see her sit back, relax, and reflect on her recent accomplishments at our annual holiday celebrations.

Every youth experiencing homelessness and escaping trafficking in our city deserves to reach their full potential. With your help, we'll keep our doors open 24/7 so that they can have that opportunity.

We're in the midst of our 2020 Holiday Campaign and our goal is to raise $170,000 in critical funds for youth like Georgi-Ann by year-end. Not only will funds raised towards this goal help ensure that the youth in our programs can grow and thrive, but they will also help meet the immediate needs of youth still on the streets. As temperatures drop and the pandemic lingers on, we need your support to remain a place where these young people can come and weather the storm.

 Please help us kick off our campaign by making a gift today.