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Covenant House Matters

At Covenant House Georgia, we are much more than a shelter. We provide more than a bed and a meal for homeless and at-risk youth; we show unconditional love and give comprehensive support so that our youth can and will realize their fullest potential.

In fact, seeing their potential is our greatest motivation. We are optimistic about the power of a stable, loving environment to inspire a fresh start in their lives. Looking beyond broken pasts, we know that each of our youth can have a bright future, and everything we do is in effort to have them know it, too.

This effort transforms everyone involved in Covenant House Georgia. Continuously showing youth the light in their lives brightens ours in turn. Each day, our youth take steps- both big and small- toward reaching their goals. Seeing their progress energizes our work.

It is a privilege to support at-risk youth during some of their most formative years.  We empower them to finish high school, start college, gain employment, live independently, and ultimately step out into the world knowing they are prepared to be successful.

Covenant House Georgia is a place of refuge, a place of growing, and a place where people find and fulfill their calling. 

What's New


Join us November 17th, 2016 for our Sleep Out: Executive Edition

Sleep on the street for one night, so homeless youth don't have to.

Every November, business leaders gather at Covenant Houses across the United States and Canada. They come together in solidarity with homeless youth to hear their stories and bear witness both to their struggles and their steps forward into brave new lives. Then, they take to the streets with cardboard and sleeping bags while the kids who live at Covenant House will go to sleep in safe, warm beds.

For more information or to register click here or contact Tara Self at or 404-589-0899.

To view a list of this year's sleepers, click here.



CHGA is excited to step into the local food system by selling starter plants to community gardens and gardeners across the city. In partnership with Atlanta’s Office of Sustainability efforts to support urban agriculture and with support from the FoodWell Alliance, this project allows CHGA to partner with and benefit community gardens across Atlanta, especially fire station gardens and the Vine City EcoDistrict’s college gardens in West Atlanta. Currently, these gardens lack a reliable, affordable supply of seedlings. CHGA utilizes our space and the time contributions of our staff and youth to provide starts for these gardens that are naturally and locally grown by the homeless and trafficked youth at our shelter.

In turn, the sales from this enterprise sustain our expanded gardening program. In addition to integrating the gardening program into our daily itinerary for shelter youth, CHGA has also launched a gardening leadership academy. This academy is both vocational and educational in nature, as our youth are learning about farming, business, sustainability, college campuses, and volunteering. By being involved in every aspect of the program, these youth are learning about an alternative career path.

The mission of CHGA is to help suffering children of the streets, and the launching of HUG is an important step in bringing youth from homelessness to hope. 

To learn more about our partnership with the City of Atlanta, check out this video


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