Between expanding our transitional living program to now serve young families and their children, renovating our shelter and Community Service Center to serve more young people as they exit homelessness, and breaking ground on the new Gift of Hope Apartment Building, it has certainly been a productive year at Covenant House Georgia! Never has the need for support been more pressing for young people in crisis. With the end of eviction moratoriums, some experts are estimating an increase in homelessness by up to 40% in the coming months. This means more youth on the streets as the weather grows colder and the holiday season approaches.

Youth like Sierra, who first experienced homelessness with her family in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina and has struggled to regain stability ever since. Sierra remembers the holidays before the crisis struck: “Some were good, some were bad.” She remembers waking up to open presents, watching Christmas movies, eating breakfast made by her mother, and drinking hot cocoa. Losing her home and family stability meant losing the safety and warmth of these holiday traditions. Over the years, Sierra’s situation progressed until she considered taking her own life and was referred to Covenant House Georgia. 

Sierra now feels that Covenant House Georgia is “like her second family.” She’s developing her coping skills, feels support, and is allowed to express herself. She’s thriving in our transitional living program and is pursuing her educational dreams! We want each of our youth to feel the support and care that Sierra feels, especially as we enter this holiday season. This time of year can be especially challenging for youth who may be missing the comfort of past holiday traditions, or may never have experienced that support in their past at all. We are dedicated to making this holiday season one to remember for our youth, and we cannot do it without your generosity and support. 

As you prepare to celebrate with your family and loved ones, consider supporting the youth at Covenant House Georgia. Your contribution will provide young people the unconditional love, absolute respect and relentless support they deserve. As you give, remember Sierra - one of 3,300 youth experiencing homelessness in our city -  and know that your support enables us to keep our doors open year-round for youth seeking shelter. Make an impact today.