Community Service Center

The Community Service Center (CSC) allows youth experiencing homelessness who are not residents to access our services. They can shower, wash clothes, get a hot meal, participate in classes and speak with a case manager. Many youth come back to attend GED classes or receive employment assistance. This provides a place of refuge for youth still on the streets and allows us to build trust with youth who have been mistreated by adults in their past.

Educational Program

Our educational program features two different learning communities: An Academic Learning Community, which focuses on general education, GED, adult basic education, and college preparation; and a Positive Youth Development Learning Community, which focuses on self-advocacy, civic engagement, global citizenship, and personal empowerment.

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Support Services

Job Readiness Program

CHGA's job readiness program prepares youth for entering the job market. Topics include how to find a job, resume building, interview skills, professional behavior, and general office etiquette.

The value of this program cannot be overestimated. Employers get the most out of their employees when they have been given the proper job training. Learning practical job skills with a group of other motivated job-seekers is a fun and exciting opportunity.

Life Readiness Program

Our life readiness program provides vital trainings such as personal budgeting, financial planning, pursuing a career-track job, community building, strengthening family relations, and many other areas that benefit each youth throughout their lifetime.

Other Services

In working with youth experiencing homelessness we find ourselves introducing new services on an as-needed basis to meet the needs of the diverse population we serve. Working with our partners, we can create flexible programs to meet the unique needs of our youth.